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Enterprise IP-PBX XR1000

Small Business VoIP PBX - XR1000 - stand-alone, pre-configured, out-of-the-box Asterisk IP PBX

XR 1000

The XR1000 is an Asterisk based small business VoIP PBX system supporting various combinations of telephony ports. The device supports up to 16 analog phone ports, up to 8 BRI ports, up to 30 users and 10 concurrent calls.

Also available with the XR1000 is the Xorcom Rapid Recovery™ backup utility, provided on Disk-on-Key. XR1000 units with an FXS module support Xorcom Rapid PA to provide public address functionality to Asterisk installations, and are also offered with I/O ports to support a wide array of peripheral devices.


dot-1 Complete, stand alone IP-PBX for small businesses (SOHO)
dot-1 End point for distributed IP-PBX (offices connected to headquarters)
dot-1 CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) IP-PBX


dot-1 Various combinations of FXS, FXO, and BRI
dot-1 Supports SIP and IAX2 phones and trunks
dot-1 8 or 16 analog lines/extensions
dot-1 1 - 8 BRI ports
dot-1 10 concurrent calls
dot-1 Supports auxiliary appliances (door locks, alarm systems etc.)
dot-1 Easy-to-use Web interface for Asterisk and network setup
dot-1 Advanced provisioning and maintenance features:

  • Restore button restores the unit to default factory setup
  • Rescue button - this essential developer feature allows restoration of the unit even after the actual code has been damaged by improper modifications
  • Rapid Tunneling - opens a secured direct SSH tunneling to our support engineers upon user's request. Get our direct support wherever you are, behind firewalls and NATs.
  • Internet updates
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