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Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) is an emerging technology that allows telephone calls, faxes or overhead paging to be transported over an existing IP data network topology.

The VoIP network could be:

dot-1 A Local Area Network (LAN)
dot-1 A Wide Area Network (WAN)
dot-1 A Corporate Intranet
dot-1 Any combination of the above

It is well documented that properly implemented Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) solutions can deliver significant cost savings for enterprises. While initial setup costs may be substantial, IP telephony solutions are cheaper to maintain and operate in the long run than traditional implementations relying on analog or switched digital phone service. The long-distance savings alone can be significant.

However, toll bypass is not enough for the modern corporations. With advances in VoIP technology, VoIP applications can help to create competitive advantages for many organizations by allowing for the creation of new types of powerful applications that merge voice and data network technologies.

voip_4At Lantone Systems, we provide users with a host of VoIP tools and solutions that give added communications benefits, without needing expensive new cabling to operate.

Our team ensures that we provide customers with innovative VoIP solutions that add functionality, safety, lower installation costs and higher efficiency to their organizations.

Our robust VoIP solutions enable the delivery of voice and data over the same networks, resulting in massive infrastructure cost savings for organizations because the need to provide separate networks for voice and data can be eliminated. Flexibility of our VoIP applications also ensures the capability to serve a wide array of communication needs.

For example, one of our flagship telephony product solution, VOIX, provides you with the flexibility in customizing the whole system based on your needs, at minimum costs.

With enterprises increasingly turning to our VoIP applications such as unified messaging, IP conferencing, virtual call center implementations with remote agents etc, Lantone Systems is fast becoming one of the premier VoIP solutions provider in Singapore.


Converged Telecom Made Easy

voip_2Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is becoming a strong catalytic force that is shaping today's telecom industry, quickly gaining ground in the VoIP world.

Used both in the enterprise and carrier spaces, SIP's main purpose is set up and tear down sessions. Due to its roots in standard Internet protocols and architecture, SIP is more efficient in initiating and terminating connections than other protocols.

SIP's strengths include simplicity and synergy with other standard IP protocols such as HTTP, DNS, RTP and SDP. SIP enables developers to interact with telephony resources the same way they interact with Internet resources, greatly expanding the access of the web developer community to computer telephony.


dot-1 SIP is a request-response protocol that represents a modular approach to IP telephony, free from underlying protocols or architectural constraints
dot-1 SIP is enabling the Next Generation Network (based on modular CO (Central Office) architecture).
dot-1 SIP can be used as the integration technology behind modular telephony architecture.
dot-1 Can be readily integrated in various architectures and deployment scenarios.
dot-1 Easily scalable and extensible. For eg, Presence and Instant Messaging (IM) have been created through SIP extensions.
dot-1 Software-based, open and lightweight, allowing organizations of all types to support the new breed of SIP phones along with soft phones, analog phones, desktop PCs, mobile devices and PDAs.
dot-1 Quickly gaining attention and visibility due to major technology supporters, including Microsoft (SIP is the framework behind Microsoft's Messenger).
dot-1 Widely regarded as the successor to H.323 for IP-based telephony.
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