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In a traditional business environment, telephones merely serve as equipments that allow customers, suppliers, and vendors etc to communicate with internal staff and vice versa.

In recent years, with the evolving of corporate needs, phone systems are expected to handle a wide variety of duties beyond making a simple connection between 2 parties. Many companies realize that it is no longer professional or efficient to rely on a basic phone system.

At Lantone Systems, we are proud to introduce Vocalist21, a sophisticated telecommunications Auto Attendant solution that can give your internal phone systems the much-needed facelift.

Using Vocalist21, sophisticated voice and fax applications can be easily built by simply creating mailboxes, assigning individual functions with the required property definitions and voice prompts, and finally connecting the modules together.

As a Windows Telephony Applications Generator, Vocalist21 eliminates the telephony learning curve as it can be easily managed by non-programmers. On the other hand, it is also powerful enough to modify existing functions and create new functions using Visual Basic.

With the application of Vocalist21, effective communications can be easily achieved using minimal internal resources. The end result is a professional corporate image that is efficient, provides a higher level of customer satisfaction and yet does not add a bomb to your monthly bills. Vocalist21


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