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Developing An International Business Presence

VoIP Virtual Numbers
The modern day businesses and customers rely heavily on voice services for mission critical business applications, ranging from sales to customers support. As the business’s geographical boundaries grow, telecom costs/IDD charges inevitably escalate, causing a setback for most cost conscious companies.

To cater to the increasing demand for lower or even zero IDD charges, Lantone Communications provides a complete set of inbound/outbound VoIP services to carriers, Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP), calling card operators, call centers and any other businesses around the world.

Our VirtualDID network supplies international VOIP virtual numbers and worldwide origination services via VoIP, currently covering over 1000 major cities in more than 40 countries.

With the flexibility of VoIP, Lantone Communications VirtualDID network provides you with the following benefits:

greendotHigh responsiveness to your changing business environment.

greendotServices can grow as large and move as fast as your business requires.

greendotDelivery of high quality call origination and a robust global infrastructure.

greendotEnable customers to expand to international markets quickly and efficiently.

greendotBoosting earnings without increasing costs.

Give your business a virtual U.S Presence with VirtualDID. Local U.S numbers are delivered to you worldwide
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Toll free service from anywhere to anywhere. Access toll free services from sixty-one countries worldwide.
IP 800 Toll Free
We are proud to be the authorized resellers for the following brands:
Cisco Systems HP Reseller Digium Reseller Polycom Reseller Yealink Xorcom Chip Pc Reseller VMware Reseller Veeam Reseller Sangoma Technologies Reseller
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