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IP PA Public Address System SingaporeDuring any emergency situation, people need to be able to receive clear directions that guide them to a safe location. On a routine day, workers need to receive either targeted or general interest messages about prevailing circumstances, or to respond to an incoming telephone call etc. Within virtually every public space, announcements need to be made to direct individuals from one location to another, or to call attention to a time-sensitive event.

In order to disseminate information, locate staff and handle emergencies quickly and securely, every business needs an efficient paging system that provides instant notification to the relevant personnel. The paging system is also required to have the ability to adapt the communication paradigm to carry out immediate response directives.


Moving Voice Between Facilities

At Lantone Systems, we facilitate overhead paging to multiple locations on a network by deploying VoIP over the existing LAN/WAN and transmitting audio signals as an MP3 data stream over the Ethernet links. Microphones and speakers are treated as elements in the network and are linked semi-permanently by means of the Internet Protocol (IP). To connect the elements in the network, it can simply be done using a mouse and a PC user interface.

Unlike conventional PA systems that require a coaxial cable wired to every speaker you want to send voice to, IP Network voice transmission helps eliminate a lot of cabling, which leads to considerable reduction of installation cost. It also helps us overcome the conventional transmission distance limitation, enabling new ways to use PA systems, which were never possible before.
IP Ethernet Public Address Paging Singapore

Using VoIP, our IP PA Paging System is a robust, full-featured system that allows users to simultaneously push an audio stream and/or a text message to multiple IP phones, IP speakers and overhead paging systems. An administrator can also select a pre-recorded message or deliver a live broadcast through either a password-protected web page or the IP phone services menu. In short, our IP PA Paging System has all the functions of a normal intercom except it uses the LAN/WAN network to transfer the voice and commands, and it does not have to incur leased line charges.

Being 100% IP-based, our IP PA System can be easily integrated wth existing networks. In addition, the system topology of our IP PA System is completely configured by the software user, eliminating the need for hardware head-end switching. It is a sophisticated system that provides seamless cone management, expansion capabilities and pre-recorded message management.


greendotReal-time message broadcast to remote stations

You can broadcast voice messages from any location in the network, not just from your specific broadcast control center. This can be done using a very simple interface provided over Internet Explorer. The messages broadcast are automatically recorded and stored in the logs for future review as well as re-broadcast of the same message.

greendotPre-recorded message broadcast to remote stations

With pre-recorded message broadcast facility, you can have a choice to select and broadcast a message from a variety of messages that were recorded before or messages that were broadcasted previously. All these can be done with just a few clicks on the system.

Broadcast of messages to selected remote stations

Being IP-based, the system gives you power to broadcast messages to specific selected stations only, and not to all the stations connected as in legacy public broadcast systems.

Easy access to Admin/User panel from any computer via Internet Explorer

The Admin/User panel that runs in the browser gives you the ability to run the PA System from any computer machine that is connected to network and supports Internet Explorer, without having to install the admin software every time you are at a different location.

Automatic recording of real time broadcast for future use/review

Any broadcasting of new messages is automatically recorded and added to the list of pre-recorded messages. In this way, the same message can be broadcasted again whenever required.

Logs of every event

With automatic logging of every event, system integrators can easily troubleshoot the system that was integrated to the PA System.

Easy integration to control panels

The PA System allows the integrators/contractors to integrate the controls of the system with their existing system controls.


greendot  Organizations that need to be able to send emergency broadcasts, such as government agencies, schools and hospitals.
greendot  Organizations that need to do large-scale paging across multiple facilities and locations.
greendot  Schools, retailers and other organizations with complex inter-building distribution and scheduling needs.
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