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Lantone Systems is proud to be the authorised Gold Reseller for Digium's line of PCI Hardware.

Unlocking the power of Asterisk, Digium's quality PCI Hardware is designed specifically with Asterisk in mind, and has been proven and tested in a wide range of installations worldwide.

The products listed below are some of the Digium PCI Hardware offered. If you do not find the required Digium Hardware that you need, please send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and our sales representatives will be glad to assist you.

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Digital Interface Cards

Ideal for high density solutions

gray bullet TE411P
gray bullet TE410P
gray bullet TE406P
gray bullet TE405P
gray bullet TE210P
gray bullet TE205P
gray bullet TE110P






Analog Interface Cards

Provides interface to traditional telephony equipment

gray bullet TDM2400P
gray bullet TDM410P











Analog Modules

Modules for analog interface cards

gray bullet S400M
gray bullet X400M
gray bullet S110M
gray bullet X100M






Analog Telephone Adapters

Take Asterisk from the PC to CPE

gray bullet S101|- |AXy





Asterisk Developer's Kit

The Asterisk Developer's Kit PCI features TDM410P with two modules: one FXS and one FXO, but supports a combination of up to 4 FXS and/or FXO modules for a total of 4 lines.

The Asterisk Developer's Kit is ideal for IT developers needing a simple system to begin working with the Asterisk platform and still have the ability for upgrading in the future.

The Asterisk Developer's Kit PCI is also ideal for developers who wish to integrate Asterisk as a SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) PBX.

We are proud to be the authorized resellers for the following brands:
Cisco Systems HP Reseller Digium Reseller Polycom Reseller Yealink Xorcom Chip Pc Reseller VMware Reseller Veeam Reseller Sangoma Technologies Reseller
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