Asterisk Outlook Dialer

The asterisk outlook dialer was born out of a need for a secure way to dial from MSOutlook via an asterisk server. Solutions we examined in the market were either not secure due to the fact that the Asterisk Manager password needed to be keyed into the Outlook component or were too bulky for what we were trying to do. On large installations, exposing the Asterisk Manager password was  a *big* security risk (in our opionion at  least) as well as an extra step needed for the administrator.

We decided to implement our own MSOutlook dialer which would overcome the issue of both security and size of the component. The Asterisk Outlook Dialer is implemented as a php script that runs on the asterisk server (apache). This php script acts as a "proxy" between the Asterisk server and the Oulook component. It uses the Asterisk Manager to log on and execute commands on the Asterisk box. The Outlook Dialer calls this script with the parameters such as the extension to be dialed, the number to be dialed, the callerID etc. It comes with a small installer (400K) which installs the outlook component. The php script needs to be dumped into your www folder. The main advantage of this approach is the php acts as a proxy to the Asterisk server and therefore very little configuration is necessary on the client (Outlook) end.

Step by step instructions :


Download and move the originate.php to your www folder.


Edit the originate.php values to suit your asterisk server. At the least you need to modify the $Username and $Password to suit your Asterisk Manager API and  $sContext variable to suit your outgoing settings. 


Download and install the Asterisk Outlook Dialer component for Outlook.


When asked for the gateway, enter the URL where you copied your originate.php.

5. Once installation is complete you should see something similar to this.
Asterisk Outlook Dialer Screen

6. In MSOutlook select Tools -- > Options. You should see something like this:

Asterisk Outlook Dialer Screen

7. Under the options, select the correct values.


Under extension type a valid extension such as SIP/??? or IAX2/???.


If you need to enter the callerID (DID for example) enter it here or leave it empty.


Verify that the Gateway URL is correct.

You are now ready to use the Asterisk Outlook dialer. If you have any suggestions or problems, contact us through the support form.

The software is released as a freeware and you can use it for educational or commercial purposes.

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