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Open Book PricingAt Lantone Systems, we base the foundation of our partnership with customers on 3 important words: honesty, openness and trust.

In 2005, Lantone Systems introduced an open-book policy which has since the basis which our business is built on. With the foundation in place and our processes to support it, this refreshing approach has witnessed the strengthening of partnerships with our customers.

Our open-book policy has demonstrated the following:

greendot We are an organization who is willing to go against the norm for our clientele to build confidence and inspire trust.
greendot We are confident in our ability to add value for clients without having to hide anything.
greendot With the clarity and transparency of our policy, we can focus on what really matters, which is delivering projects on time and to budget.


The open-book pricing model is basically a “cost plus a fixed margin” approach to pricing. It is built on the following concepts:

greendot Pricing on the outsourced engagement is fully detailed, clearly stated and has no hidden costs.
greendot Margins are fixed upon mutual agreement between the client and Lantone Information Systems.
greendot Any fee structures we impose are based on an operating budget that is mutually agreed between the client and Lantone Information Systems.
greendot Customers can choose to audit Lantone Information Systems at any time.

Extended to customers who have built up substantial trade volumes with Lantone Systems, this total transparency can help us communicate the cost intricacies of the work being performed at the behest of the client during the course of transaction management. We offer a structure that provides the lowest possible cost but always with an eye toward keeping the delivery of services best-in-class.

It does not benefit Lantone Systems to be the lowest-cost provider at the sacrifice of quality service delivery. That is extremely short-term thinking. If we cannot make a reasonable profit, our clients will ultimately be penalised because we will have to cut resources to attempt to increase our margins.

However, through our open-book pricing, we find that clients are more comfortable when they can understand easily how costs are being aligned with the necessary resources.

This combination of price, quality and service commitment eliminates all links to a cost-plus mechanism, and is easily scalable to accommodate changes in the portfolio and scope of services.

An open-book partnering process is integral to a successful outsourcing relationship. To support this process, we have invested in a set of technology tools to help us report open-book pricing as well as the concept of an end of the year true-up. This process validates the actual expenses once the year has concluded.

Till date, we know that our open-book pricing model works. Our clients have given us positive feedback about the open and honest way that we share information and manage our accounts. In several cases where we are one of a number of IT service providers, the client has said that we were the only firm willing to commit to an open-book policy.

In return, we have expanded client benefits by giving them the best value for money, gained the trust and respect of our clients, and have progressed on to establish strategic partnerships with them for the long haul.

For more information about our open-book pricing model, please contact our accounts representatives at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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