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Why choose VoIP? Two reasons, 1) properly chosen and implemented, IP solutions for key business apps (interoffice voice networking, remote agent/home worker, IP PBX/LAN telephony, etc.) are cheaper to operate, maintain, and upgrade than comparable solutions using switched digital or analog phone service. 2) IP solutions are also more powerful, flexible, feature-rich, and interesting than conventional stuff.

The Big Money-Savers

In pursuing the benefits of VoIP, many IT managers are using the technology and assembling point solutions to their most pressing problems: seeing minimum investment and disruption while obtaining maximum bang for the buck. A second and perhaps third phase of network upgrades will eventually unify these solutions under a single converged architecture.

Use VoIP Gateways For Interoffice Voice/Fax And Demarc Aggregation

PBX IP gateways give legacy PBXs a new lease on life as participants in VoIP architecture. Nowadays, gateway technology is also packaged in the form of PBX cards, eliminating a stray box and preserving feature support. The gateways also enable least-cost-routing, employing branch offices as POPs - carrying calls from office to office over the WAN or Internet, before handing them off to the PSTN for local completion. Alternatively, the gateways can be used to aggregate outbound and inbound connections at a central site, achieving better discounts. They also let you aggregate voicemail, call accounting, and other peripheral applications, reducing overall cost of infrastructure and simplifying maintenance.

Get Gateway Benefits (And More!) With Add-On Cards 

voip_2Chances are your move to VoIP trunking and IP phones can be accomplished with your current PBX and vendor-supplied VoIP media cards. The main advantage of doing it this way, rather than using a third-party gateway, is feature transparency. PBXs that are networked using internal cards support uniform dial plans, voicemail access, conferencing, call forwarding, and the rest of the PBX bill-of-fare.

IP Conferencing And Remote Presentation

IP-based audio, video and data conferencing promises a compelling competitive advantage for organizations of all types and sizes. Businesses can now communicate, coordinate, and collaborate not just internally, but with customers, suppliers, business partners, teleworkers, and branch offices worldwide over IP, leaving behind the centralized conferencing model of the traditional PBX.

VoIP applications create competitive advantage for many organizations. VoIP allows for the creation of new types of powerful applications. The ability to connect to any part of the world, integration with other protocols, routing capability, and IP conferencing are some advancement application over normal phone networks and good reason to use VoIP.

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