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Services ImplementationSince 1998, Lantone Systems  has specialized in building complete computer systems for corporations by providing a broad spectrum of systems integration and customization services including:

dot-1 Systems Evaluation
dot-1 Network design, implementation and operations
dot-1 Voicemail
dot-1 Auto Attendant
dot-1 Phone Systems
dot-1 IP PBX
dot-1 Servers
dot-1 Web Hosting
dot-1 Installation, product support and technology skills transfer - we make efforts to ensure that the products we sell will function perfectly after we walk out of the door
dot-1 Implement new hardware or software augmentations or upgrades
dot-1 Assist in the deployment of new applications
dot-1 Ongoing management and support of IT facilities, resources and processes

All our systems integration solutions are delivered using quality suites of products from renowned brands, including:

dot-1 Cisco
dot-1 IBM
dot-1 Hewlett Packard
dot-1 Deerfield
dot-1 MDaemon
dot-1 Digium

Services ImplementationAs the authorized resellers for the above brands, we have the expertise to help our customers to transform the organization’s hardware, application software and middleware into interoperable and high-performance architectures. The end result: A Single Seamless Business System.

By delivering our services and solutions through 4 key domains, namely: Analysis & Planning, Infrastrucure, Integration and Support, Lantone Communications has grown to be a stronghold in the IT industry over the past years.

Once companies have experienced our comprehensive set of solutions, the majority ends up engaging our services on a consistent basis because:

1. We have attained such good rapport with our clients that they start to regard us as an extension of their internal IT department.
2. Lantone Systems is constantly on the cutting edge of technology. On most occasions, by the time you started hearing about a new product, our company has already installed and tested it internally.
3. We use the products and solutions that we sell. Every single product and solution we sell is up and running in our facilities.
4. Our team possesses the experiences, expertise and skill sets that are needed to provide the best-of-breed solutions for higher efficiency and lower costs.

For more information  on how our systems integration services can help to streamline your business operations, please feel free to drop us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We are proud to be the authorized resellers for the following brands:
Cisco Systems HP Reseller Digium Reseller Polycom Reseller Yealink Xorcom Chip Pc Reseller VMware Reseller Veeam Reseller Sangoma Technologies Reseller
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